Company history

In 1867 Josef Koepfer set up a small workshop in his father-in-law’s house in  Furtwangen, where he made horological tools.

As the demands for these tools increased, Koepfer decided to build larger premises, including a hydropower plant, on the "Dorfmatte" in the Unterallmend in 1877. Over the following years, the enterprise developed into a company with a three-pronged manufacturing programme as it is still today. Production started off with milling cutters and tools for the horological industry, later to include the machines to manufacture the tools, among them specials for the production of clock chains, multi-spindle drilling machines and machines for the making of dial plates.

In 1890 Josef Koepfer added gears for musical timepieces and precision mechanics to his product range.

When, in 1901, the four sons of the founder entered the company, it was renamed "Jos. Koepfer & Söhne".

The companie was continually growing and in view of technical advances  the range was also expanded quite considerably.

After the war Jos. Koepfer & Söhne started afresh, with the manufacture of individual gears. The production line was equipped in part with old machines that had been saved and repaired and in part with gear cutting machines and other machine tools sourced from abroad.

WWII forced Jos. Koepfer & Söhne GmbH to pause in development and construction of machines. In 1955, after 15 long years, the company was finally able to introduce its new machine to the marketplace the model 150.

This period saw the production of, in particular, gears for the power tool and domestic appliances industries.

The first production plant abroad was opened in 1986 in the USA. Another one followed in 1995 in Hungary. Today, KOEPFER America still builds hob sharpeners and KOEPFER Hungaria makes gears  both with great success.

With the appearance of PLC and CNC gear cutting machines in the 70s and 80s Koepfer introduced its new series of gear hobbing machines the 153/173. The machine embodied the future-orientated development of the gear profiling technology and represented another mile stone in the history of Jos. Koepfer & Söhne. Today, 30 years after their introduction, these machines still faithfully fulfil their duty all across the globe.

End of the 90's the three business areas where separated into three independent companies gear hobbing machines, gear cutting tools and gears and gear boxes.  In 1998 a subsidiary of Jos. Koepfer & Söhne was created out of the departments "Gear hobbing machines" and "Gear cutting tools". ­

KOEPFER Verzahnungsmaschinen GmbH moved to Schwenningen in 2003 to concentrate on the development, production and assembly of the gear hobbing machines. The KOEPFER Verzahnungswerkzeuge GmbH merged 2004 with IMS Gear Cutting Tools and is, since 2013 a part of the Gleason Corporation.

2005 all KOPFER companies got a part of the EMAG Group, Salach. After the KOEPFER Holding GmbH was founded in 2013, the gear and gear box productions was demerged from the EMAG Holding GmbH and part of the KOEPFER Holding GmbH.

Also in 2013  KOEPFER Gear GmbH in Ludwigsburg was founded. This arose from the Getrag Ludwigsburg plant which was acquired by KOEPFER. In additon, a further production plant in Bräunlingen was opened as well as a plant in China.

So today the KOEFPER Verzahnungsmaschinen GmbH is a part of the EMAG Holding GmbH where as all activities of the gear and gear box production of the former Josef KOEFPER & Söhne GmbH now is a part of the KOEPFER Holding GmbH.