KOEPFER Zahnrad- und Getriebetechnik GmbH and its subsidiaries only work together with first-class suppliers to provide our demanding customers with top-quality procducts. Our mission is, together with our suppliers,  to continually optimise quality, logitics and the costs of production and services with innovative approaches.

Supplier Selection

KOEPFER is always searching for efficient and innovative suppliers in the relevant commodity groups, no matter on which continent they are. When selecting suppliers, partners are sought which may contribute to optimize the entire value chain together with us.

Purchasing Organization

KOEPFER is a group with global operations, which provides and further develops top-quality gears, assemblies and transmission solutions. The operational purchase for series is the responsibility of the logistics departments of the individual plants and subsidiaries. The strategic purchase is headed by KOEPFER Zahnrad- und Getriebetechnik GmbH in Furtwangen.

Commodity Groups

The relevant commodity groups for KOEPFER are classified as follows:

Production MaterialNon-Production Material
ForgingsMachinery and equipment (turning, milling, grinding, cleaning etc.)
Raw- and bar material

Service and maintenance for machinery and equipment

Bushes, roller- and plain bearing Packaging and und workpiece carriers
Blanked partsFreight forwarding and logistics services
Connecting ComponentsBuilding service
O-Rings, shaft seal and seals Auxilary material, oil, gearse and detergents
Hardening technology (any proceedings)Office supplies and office equipment
Turned parts/ turningTools (cutter, turning tool, clamping devices etc. )
Coating, cleaning, preserve, abrasiveIT services and hardware
Retainer and locking ringEnergy (gas and power)
Casting (aluminium and cast iron, any proceedings)Measuring tools and -systems


For you as supplier there are contact persons for selected product groups. To get in touch please contact us via info@koepfer.com inclusive the completely filled in supplier self-assessement (can be downloaded in the download area). In the download area you can also find the currently applicable General Terms and Conditions of Purchase for your commodity group.