Quality assurance

Our top priority is to meet the demands of our customers. It is also the reason why we have installed a quality management system that covers all work areas. Quality assurance is an integral component of every step we take; and to keep it constantly up to scratch we provide regular training for our employees.

Our quality assurance measures focus on error reporting and ongoing improvement to guarantee the required quality of our products and our services.

Ongoing system and product audits guarantee that we offer our customers a product of the highest quality and precision.

The guiding principles of our quality policy are

  • The business principle of Koepfer Zahnrad- und Getriebetechnik GmbH is to meet all expectations and requirements of the customers.
  • The know-how and ongoing education and training of our workforce form the basis of the successful cooperation with our customers.
  • To promote a sense of quality on all levels is an ongoing management responsibility.
  • Quality means meeting market and customer demands for performance and reliability of products and services.
  • Every member of staff at Koepfer Zahnrad- und Getriebetechnik GmbH is – within the framework of his job – responsible for the quality of his work and the effort he makes in the advancement of our product.
  • The quality checks to be carried out on the product are defined by the sales, quality planning and quality control departments in close cooperation with the customer.
  • An organisational structure with clearly defined individual responsibilities and a principle of mutual support in problem solving makes us efficient and flexible in our duty to serve the customer.
  • To achieve a target-orientated quality strategy an annual forum will define the quality targets for all levels of the company and monitor their progress.
  • All our partners are covered by this quality policy.