Engineering as a service

The automotive industry has been and will continue to be extremely important for economic growth in Germany. The main areas of strategic development with the greatest potential lie, above all, in research and development in the field of drive technology. The vision of KOEPFER Engineering GmbH is to integrate electric drives into all areas of mobility.

We see ourselves, among other things, as a partner for companies that make transmissions and gear components but, cannot design them themselves. At the same time, we are gear specialists, development partners and providers of expertise to our customers. For us, engineering as a service means working with our customers to develop innovations for an integrated powertrain architecture.

But it is not only the drive unit that requires replacement to electrify a vehicle. The whole system architecture is affected by the change from combustion to electricity. For example, the steering and braking support systems must be rethought in any conversion to an electric drive. For our experts, the growing trend towards relocation of the drive directly on the axle or in the wheels is a huge opportunity. It opens up exciting ways to apply our expertise in implementing completely new drive concepts and vehicle designs.

At KOEPFER Engineering GmbH, we discuss all of these issues with our customers. This creates the best possible basis for joint innovation. The importance of optimizing existing production technologies and their adaptation to high volume production should not be underestimated. As a supplier, KOEPFER Engineering GmbH is one of the few development partners that meets high quality requirements in relation to reliability, noise level, temperature resistance, reduced maintenance and extended service life. This satisfies the specifications required in the automobile industry.


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