KOEPFER Holding GmbH and its subsidiaries work only with first-class suppliers to deliver high-quality products to their discerning customers. Our aim is to continue working with our suppliers to optimize the quality, logistics, and costs of our products and services through innovative approaches.

Supplier selection

We are always looking for efficient and innovative suppliers in the relevant product groups, irrespective of where they are located. In selecting suppliers, we look for partners who can make a contribution with us to optimizing the entire value creation chain. 

Purchasing organization

KOEPFER is a worldwide corporate group that sells and develops high-quality gears, assemblies, and transmission solutions. The logistics departments in the individual plants and subsidiaries are responsible for their own operational purchasing for series production. Strategic central purchasing is carried out by KOEPFER Holding GmbH in Furtwangen.


In selected product groups, a contact is available to you as a supplier. To make use of this option, please contact us at info@koepfer.com and include a completed supplier information form and a signed supplier code of conduct. The documents in question and the latest Terms & Conditions of Purchase for your product group can be found in the download area below.

Product groups

Production materials
  • Forged parts
  • Raw materials and bars
  • Bush, roller and plain bearings
  • Punched parts
  • Fasteners
  • O-rings, shaft washers and seals
  • Hardening technology (all processes) 
  • Turned parts / lathe machining
Non-production materials
  • Machines and systems (turning, milling, grinding, cleaning, etc.)
  • Service and maintenance for machines and systems
  • Packaging materials and workpiece holders
  • Shipping and logistics services
  • Auxiliary materials, oils, greases and cleaning agents
  • Office materials and office equipment
  • Tools (mills, lathes, clamping equipment, etc.)


KOEPFER Holding GmbH
Josef-Koepfer-Straße 8
78120 Furtwangen

Telephone: +49 / 7723 / 655-0
Email: info@koepfer.com

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