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At KOEPFER Engineering GmbH, we have over 150 years of business experience in developing and manufacturing high-precision gear and transmission components. The KOEPFER Group is a team of experts in the areas of design, calculation and simulation of gear systems.

Equipped with state-of-the-art computer software tools and impressive expertise in manufacturing technology, KOEPFER Engineering GmbH finds solutions for new challenges in the area of drive technology.

Our solutions: from the individual component to the complex system

In the field of backlash-free machined gear solutions for noise-sensitive applications in engines and transmissions and the design of special gearing systems, KOEPFER is one of the most respected experts in the world.

The inspections and continuous load tests that new components have to pass to meet our high quality and acoustics requirements are a matter of course for us. In addition to the development of new solutions, optimization of existing systems and pairings of transmissions and gears involving engine, transmission and pump drives are among the core competences of KOEPFER Engineering GmbH. We attach a great deal of importance to testing manufacturability under high production conditions.

In collaboration with the experts from our sister plants, process technology options are explored at an early developmental stage so that our customers can put the perfect theoretical solutions into practice. KOEPFER Engineering GmbH also provides its customers with functional models with prototype and sample parts on near high production equipment in both steel and plastics.

In addition to applications for the automobile industry, our team of experts also develops solutions for non-automotive applications in such areas as building systems, medical equipment and the food and household goods industries. Our extensive experience from many years of high production also flows into the gear and transmission applications in these areas.

Engineering as a service

In the field of electric mobility, gear units and high-ratio wheel hub drives, including multi-level transmission models, are the way forward. KOEPFER Engineering GmbH has become a supplier and engineering services provider in this area. In addition to developments that meet customer specifications, we design our own products and solutions. These are based on modular drive systems in various performance ranges that provide solutions for e-vehicles, in particular in the transport sector up to 7.5 metric tons.


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2-speed spur gear unit

The combination of a drive unit with an electrical energy source has been developed specifically for applications in the e-mobility sector. This drive unit consists of a controller, an engine and a 2-speed gearbox. With this gear drive unit, vehicles up to a weight of 4.5 metric tons can be operated as electric or hybrid vehicles.


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Stirnradgetriebe 2 Gang
Planetengetriebe 2 Stufen

2-stage planetary gear boxes

This recently developed drive unit has also been designed for applications in various performance classes in the e-mobility sector. The drive unit consists of a controller, an engine and a transmission, and also has a modular design. The compact axial design and the weight of the transmission options, in combination with a high power density, are attractive for the e-mobility sector and for installation in existing vehicle concepts. The drive unit can be fitted to the rear or front axles.


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