KOEPFER Engineering GmbH

Equipped with the latest calculation tools and in combination with many years of expertise in production technology and experience in the design of gearing systems, KOEPFER Engineering GmbH focuses on the development and optimization of gearing and transmission applications for its customers.

Experience from series production is applied to the design of gearing and transmission applications and ensures that we meet our customers’ requirements and develop solutions that can be delivered optimally using production technology.

Many years of experience in the field of clearance-free machined gearing solutions for noise-sensitive applications in engines and transmissions is applied to development work focusing on high-quality, noise- and clearance-optimized designs for wheel sets and transmissions. Design of special gearing systems is also part of our day-to-day work.

Furtwangen production site

Transmission developments, including for new applications in the field of electric mobility – spur gear units and high transmission wheel hub drives are among the products made. Developments for non-automotive applications in, for example, building services, medical equipment, the food industry and the domestic appliance sector are also part of our range of services.

KOEPFER Engineering GmbH also provides its customers with functional models through production of prototype and sample parts on near-series production equipment for both steel and plastic gear applications.

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KOEPFER Engineering GmbH
78120 Furtwangen

Telephone:+49 / 7723 / 655-190

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KOEPFER. Certified from A to Z.

Meeting the requirements of our customers is our top priority. Through quality assurance, staff development, and certifications, we are able to guarantee you a product of the highest quality and precision at all times.

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