Transmission components

Transmission components from KOEPFER.

Expectations of what transmission components should be able to do are rising. Requirements such as quiet running and a long service life are already taken for granted. But issues such as lightweight design and more complex shapes are increasingly coming into focus during development.

This also poses new challenges to production technology. KOEPFER continuously invests in modern production equipment so that we can continue to accomplish even the most complex gearing tasks. 

Technical information:

Production variants:
Straight and helical running gears with hard fine-machining and splines.

Total shaft length:
up to approx. 320 mm

Diameter range:
up to approx. 220 mm

Module range:

0.5 mm to approx. 4.5 mm



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Transmission components from KOEPFER

The increasing demands placed on complex transmission components can be met thanks to our continuous investment in modern production equipment.

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