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The gears that set the world in motion!

KOEPFER products. Expertise of the highest level.

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Performance is our passion!

KOEPFER products. Expertise of the highest level.

KOEPFER. Expertise of the highest level

In developing and manufacturing high-precision gears and transmission components, we rely on our extensive experience and competent employees. With high performance, dedication, creativity, and motivation, we offer first-class quality – not only in the manufacturing of our gears and transmissions, but also in the development and in providing advice to our customers.


KOEPFER Holding GmbH
Josef-Koepfer-Straße 8
78120 Furtwangen

Telephone: +49 / 7723 / 655-0

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The growing demand for fuel efficient engines and drive systems has also had an impact on the requirements for gears for engine control. This in turn has a direct effect on production: new materials, new geometries, and therefore new workpieces with very high requirements in terms of quality and products.

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High-quality sprockets are a crucial factor in achieving the maximum service life and optimal performance for any chain system.

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Transmission components

Expectations of what transmission components should be able to do are rising. Requirements such as quiet running and a long service life are already taken for granted. But issues such as lightweight design and more complex shapes are increasingly coming into focus during development.

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Annular gears, crown gears

Manufacturing annular and crown gears with straight and helical teeth requires particular production expertise. Many years of experience on the part of our employees, integrated production processes, and production equipment that includes special heat treatment procedures are the prerequisites for large-series production of precision components of this sort. 

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Auxiliary units and assemblies

As a system supplier, we work with our customers to deliver gear and transmission projects for engine auxiliary units. Through our development and production partnership, we support our customers in completing prototypes and act as your professional high volmue supplier.

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In the non-automotive sector, you can benefit from our many years of experience in transmission development and design. Our knowledge of and experience with everything from prototyping to high volume production are complements to your product that will make it even more commercially attractive.

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Do you have any questions about our products?

We will be happy to answer them for you. In a professional, friendly and reliable way. Whether you are just exploring your options, looking for a specific quotation, or need professional support for your order: you will be able to find the right contacts in Koepfer’s dedicated team.

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KOEPFER. Certified from A to Z.

Meeting the requirements of our customers is our top priority. Through quality assurance, staff development, and certifications, we are able to guarantee you a product of the highest quality and precision at all times.

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- Relief supplies for those affected by the earthquake in Turkey

The earthquakes in the Turkish-Syrian border region claimed many victims and left a trail of devastation. Many people lost their homes, their families, their livelihoods. Even two months after the first catastrophic earthquake, there are still no signs of normality.

In order to be able to contribute at least a small…

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